BENGHAZI WHISTLEBLOWER: Obama Administration Refuses to Capture Terrorist Behind Benghazi 9-11

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

FoxNews featured part two of their whistleblower interview exclusive today. Part three to air tomorrow.

Part 1 can be viewed here in which the whistleblower came forward in a Fox News Special Report to explain how multiple assets were available in the region and could have saved American lives on the ground in Benghazi during the 2nd attack.


Flashback to October 2012, a military caller into Rush Limbaugh’s radio show adds another dimension and credibility to the information presented by the whistleblower.

Fox News Insider reports the following:

It’s been seven months since the September 11 Benghazi, Libya attacks and there have been no arrests. The second of a three-part exclusive investigation digging into Benghazi aired on Special Report tonight.

Multiple sources tell Fox News that the United States has identified the mastermind behind the attack, who is still in Libya and walks free. A special operator, whose identity was concealed for safety, watched the events unfold and spoke to Fox News’ Adam Housley.

He chose to speak out because he’s frustrated with excuses, lies and lack of military response since Ambassador Chris Stevens and three more Americans were killed in Benghazi. “We have all the capability […] to kill and capture not only terrorists involved with the specific events of 9/11 and Amb. Stevens’ death, but terrorists who are feeding other regions including Europe that could eventually affect our national security in the short term.”

The special operator said that the second highest population of foreign fighters in the war in Iraq came from Benghazi – second only to Saudi Arabia. “The intelligence experts that I work with all say the same thing, that if we just ignore the situation as it presents itself, eventually another invasion will have to take place.”

Everything presented also compliments this possible theory for Ambassador Stevens’ role in Benghazi.

Mark Levin has called out Obama for lying at the recent presser when Obama stated he didn’t know anything about intimidation of whistleblowers.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) also calls out the administration for his recent presser claim of ignorance. The WashingtonExaminer reports the following:

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., accused President Obama of “aid[ing] those in his Administration who are intimidating” potential Benghazi whistle-blowers, because Obama pleaded ignorance when asked about the issue today.

“Even if the President really doesn’t know anything about someone wanting to come forward, his position should be that whistleblowers deserve protection and that anyone who has different information about Benghazi is free to come forward to Congress,” Issa said in a statement today. “The President’s unwillingness to commit himself to protecting whistleblowers only aids those in his Administration who are intimidating them.”

Obama was asked if he would help State Department employees, survivors of the Benghazi terrorist attack, who have told reporters that they are being blocked from testifying on what they know of the assault.

“I’m not familiar with this notion that anybody has been blocked from testifying,” Obama replied. “So what I’ll do is i will find out what exactly you are referring to.”

But Issa has written the Obama team repeatedly about the subject. “A lawyer for Benghazi whistleblowers has publicly stated that the State Department is blocking her client’s ability to talk freely with counsel,” Issa said. “Over the past two weeks, I have sent four letters requesting that this Administration make information available about how lawyers – who already have security clearances and are representing Benghazi whistleblowers – can be cleared to fully hear their clients’ stories. I have yet to receive any response from the Obama Administration.” […]

An anonymous special operator told Fox News that whistle blowers would lose their careers . “The problem is you’ve got guys in the special ops community who are still active and still involved, and they would be decapitated if they came forward with information that could affect high level commanders,” the operator said. “I don’t blame them for not coming forward. It’s something that is risky, especially in our line of profession, to say anything in the realm of politics or that deals with policy.”

Read more here. The whistleblower in the Fox News report exclusives is a brave and true hero.

The FBI has posted wanted photos of Benghazi suspects.


Today—Jay Carney—the White House Administration’s spokesperson responded to a Benghazi question by making sure everyone was aware that “Benghazi happened a long time ago.” Carney goes on to state that the scandal is merely a “politicization.”

That’s weird… is there a statue of limitation on murdering American citizens? Didn’t know that there was an expiration date on holding the administration’s feet to the fire on corruption? The “politicizing” excuse is equally laughable. Isn’t the Presidential office a “political” body? Thus everything the administration engages in doing is “political” by definition. The “politicizing” excuse doesn’t hold water for a “get out of jail” free card.

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