American Crossroads Slams Obama Administration With New Ad: “Benghazi”

hillary trap lies caught
Michael Ramirez has his own take on the Benghazi hearings this week, via Investor’s.

American Crossroads released a new video this morning, “Benghazi,” detailing the massive contradictions between the statements of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others in the Obama Administration on the Benghazi massacre. The administration told the American public before the election that the attack was the result of a protest stemming from a “video.” During Wednesday’s hearing we found out that Secretary Clinton knew from the beginning that Benghazi was a terrorist attack.

“Why did she blame a video? And was she part of a cover-up? … Americans deserve the truth.”

Related… Mark Steyn’s Analysis Of Benghazi Hearings: “She literally lied over his coffin, and I wanted to drive that home, because it’s sickening.”

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