Retailer Williams-Sonoma Pulls Pressure Cookers off Shelves Following Boston Bombings

pressure cooker
Pressure Cookers Don’t Kill People – People Kill People

Specialty retailer Williams-Sonoma pulled pressure cookers off their shelves following the Boston Marathon bombings.
Patch reported:

If you’re in the market for a new pressure cooker to whip up some stew or pulled pork, don’t head to the Cranston Williams-Sonoma for the time being.

Williams-Sonoma, the specialty retailer of home furnishings and gourmet cookware with more than 250 stores in the United States, has pulled pressure cookers from their shelves following the Boston Marathon bombing.

It was first reported that Williams-Sonoma pulled pressure cookers from shelves in stores in Massachusetts, but a call to the Cranston location in Garden City Center shows the company has issued a larger company directive.

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