Reality Bites… PUTIN LECTURES OBAMA on Radical Islam During Phone Call

putin obama

Vladamir Putin lectured Obama this weekend on Islamist extremism during their phone conversation on the Boston Marathon bombings. Russia warned the US back in 2011 that bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a follower of radical Islam.
CSM via Yahoo reported:

The revelation that the main suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings were two Russian citizens of half-Chechen, half-Avar (Dagestani) ethnicity, has prompted Kremlin leaders to dust off a longstanding argument that the US should listen to Moscow’s warnings about extreme Islamist terrorists, whether they hail from Chechnya, or Syria, or anywhere else.

The Russians say the US should turn away from its current path of criticizing Russia on human rights issues and embrace greater anti-terrorist cooperation in the name of common civilizational values.

That pitch was made explicitly by President Vladimir Putin in a Saturday telephone conversation with Barack Obama. A brief statement posted on the Kremlin website noted that “both sides emphasized their interest in increasing coordination between Russian and American intelligence services in the fight against international terrorism.”

It’s not the first time Vlad Putin was forced to lecture Obama on current issues.

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