VIDEO: Chicago Gunless Citizen Takes a Bullet, Still Defends His Property With Bat and Wins!

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Chicago has the toughest anti-gun laws, thus it may not be easy or possible for this store owner to get a gun to defend himself. Obviously the criminals have no problems obtaining guns. And this fake petition video shows that Liberals all agree to allow only criminals should have guns.

Two men co-ordinated an attack on the Store owner and the owner’s nephew for money. The store owner grabbed a baseball bat and fought back. When the one attacker realized he needed to be buzzed out of the store, the attacker came back and fire more shots. The owner took a bullet which grazed his leg, but still fought back through it all and won the battle.


More at WGNTV which provides the full raw surveillance video, but scroll down for an addition news report worth seeing on this store owner hero and how the store owner surprised his son who was very proud of his dad after viewing the video. RightScoop has additional video.

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