VIDEO: Caught On Tape- Marxist Professor at University of Southern California Goes On Racist “Old White Guy” Rant

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

The real racists are the Liberal Marxist within the Democrat Party and the College Professors in charge of shaping young minds. Highly recommend that parents save their hard-earned money and avoid paying for this level of indoctrination when their children would be infinitely better prepared for life by obtaining a job and gaining experience for a resume.

Note at the 9:00 minute marker, a student asks Professor Darry Sragow, “How do you stop Republicans from voting?” The professor encourages voter suppression in his response “You lose their information on the election in the mail.” Do you have something like this in mind Professor Sragow? Or this?

WATCH: Professor tells class Republican Party is “stupid and racist”

CampusReform has more on this story:

A professor at the University of Southern California (USC) appears to have used a fall semester 2012 political science class to deliver sustained and angered attacks on Republicans, who he characterized as old, white, racist, and “losers.”

In a 15 min. video secretly captured by USC student Tyler Talgo, political science Professor Darry Sragow also appears to endorse the illegal suppression of Republican votes.

“You lose their information on the election in the mail,” he suggested when a student asked him how to keep Republicans from voting. “I mean there is lots of ways to do it [SIC].”

A teaching assistant (TA), who also appeared to work for the university, then seemed to suggest Black Panthers could be placed at polling stations to intimidate Republican voters.

Rather than rebuking the TA, Sragow appeared to confirm the suggestion.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said. “You can do that.”

Neither a spokesperson for USC, or professor Sragow, responded to multiple requests from Campus Reform seeking comment.

While endorsing illegal techniques Sragow also accused the GOP of suppressing Democratic votes by supporting laws requiring voter I.D.

“Republicans are trying to prevent people of color and people of lower income from voting by requiring voter I.D.” he said.

The recording also captures Sragow making dozens of other derogatory remarks about Republicans and Republican politicians.

For example he leveled personal attacks at both former-Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann Romney.

“Romney tends to make shit up,” he said.

“[A]nn Romney to me looks like she’s out of 1955 and the women who are going to have to decide the race are women who have to work for a living. … she looks like she is hanging out at the country club in Mad Men,” he added.

He also characterized California Republicans in particular as “losers” and stupid and racist.

“California Republicans I just showed you are 30 percent registration in this state because they are really stupid and racist,” he said.” [T]he republican party in California as I say all the time on the record in print on the radio and on tv is the last vestige of angry old white people.”

“Old white guys are stubborn sons of bitches,” he added.

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