VIDEO: Bullies Shoot 8th Grader With Pellet Gun – No Charges Filed

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

The schools jump to suspend small children for making fake guns out of pop tarts, or a child pretending to save the world by throwing imaginary grenades… but no disciplinary action for bullies with Pellet guns? A major WTH moment?

 NBCLosAngeles reports the following:

UPDATE, April 11, 2013: Investigators said the students allegedly used a pellet gun, not a BB gun, as was previously believed. School administrators said a pellet gun is legally considered a toy, whereas a BB gun is classified as a dangerous weapon under the district’s Education Code. LAUSD’s Daryl Strickland said the investigation is ongoing. […]

LA school district police plan to investigate a shooting incident at a Carson middle school where a pellet gun injured a 13-year-old student.

Solomon Harris, an eighth grade student at Curtiss Middle School, was allegedly shot in the back and face as he sat in class by two classmates who regularly bully him, Harris said.

“They call me gay, talk about my bumps on my nose, and my face and just how I talk,” Harris said. “I felt it, and all day going through school, I was like, why me?”

The classmates, a boy and a girl, had showed Harris the gun, which he thought was a toy gun. The teacher had no idea a pellet gun was being passed around, nor did she hear the small pellets fired from the air gun, Harris said.

“How are you going to sit in a classroom and the teacher didn’t observe what’s going on?” asked Ruth Debro, Harris’ mother who is a teacher in the school district.

Debro plans on moving her son to another school for fear that something else might happen.

“I’m not sending him back to Curtiss Middle school to be abused anymore,” Debro said. “I would feel guilty if i sent him back and something happened to him and what does that teach him?”

LAUSD and school police were made aware of the shooting, which was reported after school hours. School police had planned to fill out a crime report to investigate the incident Thursday morning.

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