VENEZUELA VOTES: Capriles Camp Appears Nervous But Victorious …Update: Maduro Wins 50.66% to 49.07%

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Daniel at Venezuela News and Views reported this on the Capriles press conference less than an hour ago.

I just finished the live tweet of Aveledo press conference. Quick summary for those without tweeter:
– it seems that we have won
– gauntlet thrown at the CNE and chavismo in case they want to do us kikiriwiki.
– but I observe merriment and nervousness which I assume means a narrow victory for Capriles.

Capriles’ tweets are unequivocal: he all but claims directly he has won.

The Devil’s Excrement also is reporting that Capriles has won against the Chavistas.


8: 43 Advantage Capriles but very close. Foreign votes may decide.

Here’s some bad news for the opposition – The Carter Center has returned to Venezuela.

UPDATE: Daniel updated his post with this good news:

The long wait continues. Since I got a serious rumor from two serious source I am allowing myself to pass it on: it would be Capriles by 1% , barely, which explain why Aveledo an hour ago wanted the CNE to already count the votes overseas that would add 50,000 at least to Capriles. For the record: 1% in Venezuela is 180.000 votes so the overseas vote do matter to pad the margin.

Aljazeera reported: Chavez’s fourth presidential election win in October last year saw record turnout of 80 percent, but this time the participation has so far been comparatively lower.

UPDATE: From unpoetaloco – 97% of vote counted and #Capriles supposedly won but the CNE (National Electoral Committee) is refusing to make an announcement.

UPDATE: The National Electoral Committee (CNE) has not released its results causing rumors to flood the internet.

UPDATE: The Devil’s Excrement posted this good news: 10:28 PM 65% of all actas counted Capriles ahead by 20,000 votes plus foreign votes.

UPDATE: Via Votacion:

April 14, 2013 @ 22:07 – A reliable source informs us that Henrique Capriles is in meeting with high command
April 14, 2013 @ 22:02 – Rumor: They’re using voting machines in PDVSA facilities to inflate vote because Capriles narrow advantage
April 14, 2013 @ 21:25 – We report a situation of total anarchy in Guatire by government sympathizers motorized
April 14, 2013 @ 21:08 – Cochez: General FANB met in Fort Tiuna to agree Capriles recognize triumph
April 14, 2013 @ 20:50 – Attention! Shots are reported in several parts of the country by the ruling affections! Take care please!

UPDATE: Henrique Capriles stopped tweeting two hours ago. The opposition leader was very optimistic in his last tweet.

UPDATE: Capriles just tweeted this at 11:47 EST: “After speaking the CNE will talk to our people”

UPDATE: CNE announced official results. Henrique Capriles 49.07% and 50.66% Nicolás Maduro.
maduro wins
And, tonight’s results remind us once again of that old saying, “It’s easy to vote Marxists into power. It’s much harder to vote them out.”

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