UPDATE: Marxist Professor at USC is California’s Leading Democrat Strategist For Political Campaigns

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Update to the GatewayPundit story posted on the Marxist Professor at the University of Southern California who was caught on tape offering a racist rant against Republicans.

Hat Tip to buzzsawmonkey who posted the following comment:


Well, check this out: this semi-articulate, bigoted fool is apparently the Managing Partner of the Los Angeles office of a Very Big law firm called “Dentons,” in the area of Public Policy and Regulation.

According to his firm bio, he “is widely recognized as one of California’s leading strategists for political campaigns, corporations, Native American tribes and nonprofit organizations,” and has managed five statewide political campaigns.” He is also a current board member of something called “the Constitutional Rights Foundation,” of all things.

Isn’t that special? Amazing what you can find on Google, ain’t it?

Anyway, if there are regulations in California regarding the behavior of lobbyist/consultant types (I know—hahahaha—but they regulate everything else), somebody there might want to bring this to someone’s attention. Or, if anyone does tip feeds to personalities like Limbaugh or Mark Levin, they might want to pass this along.

As buzzsawmonkey states: Isn’t that special?

FoxNews offers more information on the student who was tired of the professor’s tirades and decided to tape the professor:

“I knew that this was going to be a professor that was very left-wing, very biased,” Talgo told Fox News. “I knew this would be one of those classes where the professor would be biased all the time.”

So Talgo decided to fight back.

“As soon as I got back to my dorm, I decided to video his lectures,” he said. “I got inspired.”

Read more here.

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