Horror… Two Killed and Several Injured After Syrian Warplanes Drop Chemicals on City of Saraqib

This video was released from Saraqib, Syria yesterday.
The video says the victims are suffering from a sarin gas attack.

The chemical weapons attack comes just three days after regime forces dropped TNT barrels on the city in another fierce attack, destroying homes and infrastructure.

Two people were killed and several injured when planes dropped bags of “strange substances” on the city of Saraqib in northwestern Syria.
YNet News reported:

Two people were killed and 20 others were injured in the Syrian city of Saraqib when warplanes dropped bags containing “strange substances,” Al-Jazeera reported, saying the suspicious material was apparently chemical weapons.

Videos uploaded onto the Internet show victims suffering from breathing problems being treated at makeshift hospitals. (Roi Kais)

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is trying to reassess what he meant by “game changer” in regard to Syrian chemical weapons.

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