The Power of the Conservative “New Media”- Are You Paying Attention GOP?

Guest post by Adam Andrzejewski

At, we have pioneered game changing technology to expose virtually all disclosed United States Government checkbook spending since 2000. Our Open The Books smart app for mobile devices hyper-localizes the massive money flow from Washington DC into your zip code or any zip code across the country.

zip code app spending

Last week, “The Gateway Pundit” showcased Open The Books app in a 100 word web post coupled with a corresponding “tweet” on twitter. Click here to read.  Retweeted by Michele Malkin and others, the power of “The Gateway Pundit” briefly pushed our app to 24th in The App Store- a slot ahead of Microsoft’s Bing app!


During the previous week, Open The Books app was showcased by traditional broadcast television media. During March 21st & 22nd, FOX, CBC, ABC, & NBC affiliates owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group did an outstanding feature story that ran on the nightly news broadcast in 30% of the country. Please click watch here.

Insight into the power of new and traditional networks can be learned through the response downloads of our app. Responses to both new and traditional media were very strong. But, here’s what we found striking… the network of “The Gateway Pundit” was equal to a broadcast television network covering 10% of the nation!

The “new media” network of an active, engaged citizenry would make George Washington and Thomas Jefferson smile.

Please visit our website at or download the free Open The Books app in The App Store or Google Play Store.

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