Terror Expert: Islamist Chatter Indicates “They Are Part of a Cell” (Video)

Terror expert Brigitte Gabriel, president of ACT! for America, told Neil Cavuto on Friday that the two Tsarnaev brothers were part of a terrorist cell.

“There are chatter on Islamic websites. They are saying that they cannot act alone. They are members of a larger group of an Army of Islam, of Islamists. Acting together to bring justice to the Islamic Ummah or the Islamic nation… We believe that they did not act alone. As Mike referred earlier they have gotten some professional help, somehow, in putting that bomb together. And, that’s what leads us to believe that the older brother had been trained in Russia when he went back on his trip as a part of a bigger operation. And they are just part of an implant in the United States as many like them are Islamists, jihadists driven by the cause yet they are operating in different cities.”

Brigitte made these statements on Friday before the second terrorist was captured.

There were reports today that the FBI is looking for a twelve member sleeper cell linked to the Boston bombers.

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