TAMERLAN TSARNAEV May Have Had a Falling Out With Mentor Misha on His YouTube Page

The AP reported today that bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was influenced by a Muslim convert named “Misha.” Tamerlan reportedly gave up boxing and quit studying music after running into the mysterious ‘Misha.’

Tamerlan may have posted a comment to a Misha two months ago where he criticized Misha’s view of Islam – and told him good-bye.
The comment was posted on a video titled (in Russian),
“How I accepted Islam and became a Shiite”
tamerlan misha

The comment is posted on his YouTube page:


“You accepted Shiism not because it convinced you, but because of your own…interests (of which only Allah knows), which you followed. As you walked into Islam you also flew out of it. You let yourself down, Misha. Alright, goodbye,” wrote Tsarnaev.

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