Taliban Launches New Spring Offensive to Target America

taliban 2

By: Rachel Pulaski

In January, President Obama approved peace negotiations between Afghan President Karzai and the Taliban.  Since their failed attempt, April has been deadliest month of the year in Afghanistan. Now the Taliban has launched their new spring offensive, “The Drawn Sword of Allah” that will begin on Sunday across the country.  In a press release the Taliban said they will target “America, NATO and their backers for the gratification of Allah Almighty, independence of Afghanistan and establishing in it an Islamic government while we humbly raise our hands towards Allah Almighty for its success and hope for a favorable and triumphant end.”
Washington Times reported:

The militant group’s leadership vowed that “every possible tactic will be utilized in order to detain or inflict heavy casualties on the foreign transgressors,” including suicide attacks on military bases and diplomatic areas. The leadership also threated more so-called insider attacks by members of the Afghan security forces against their colleagues or foreign troops.
Such attacks threaten the strength of the Afghan forces as they work to take over responsibility from international troops. The latest one occurred in March, when a member of Afghanistan’s government-backed militia program shot and killed five of his colleagues in Badghis province in northwest Afghanistan.
In a sign of Taliban’s determination to replace Afghanistan’s government with one promoting a stricter interpretation of Islamic law, they named their new offensive after a legendary Muslim military commander, Khalid ibn al-Walid. Also known as “the Drawn Sword of God,” he was a companion of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

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