Saudi Grand Mufti Says Fatwa to Destroy Mecca’s Holy Sites Was Necessary

saudi mufti

A culture of destruction–
Saudi Mufti Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh says his fatwa to destroy the historical Islamic remnants in Mecca was necessary. reported:

Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh, whose Fatwa has paved the way for destruction of historical Islamic remnants in the holy city of Makkah says it is not only permitted but necessary (!).

Saudi authorities try to justify destruction of Islamic and historical sites by saying that it is needed in order to develop religious tourism in the country.

Two Saudi scholars, however, underlined the need for preserving the sites and condemned any move to destroy them.

Saudi activists in social networks have also voiced objection to the Fatwa and called on the Mufti to reconsider his edict, Ba’ab news agency reports.

Iran Press TV has more.

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