Rush Limbaugh: If Tim Tebow Came Out as Gay He Could Guarantee Himself a Spot in the NFL (Video)

Rush Limbaugh went there today.
The conservative radio host asked, his audience, “If Tim Tebow were to announce that he is gay, wouldn’t the NFL be forced to find a team for him to play on?”
Mediaite reported, via FOX Nation:

Here’s the transcript:

RUSH: I have a question, maybe an idea. As you know, Tim Tebow, quarterback of the New York Jets, was released. Is it too late for Tim Tebow to come out as gay? If Tim Tebow were to announce that he is gay, wouldn’t the NFL be forced to find a team for him to play on? David Stern, the commissioner of the National Basketball Association, is really feeling his oats, because they beat the NFL at something. The NBA is on top, in a manner of speaking.

The NFL could reclaim their perch atop the sports world if somebody famous came out and said they’re gay. Why not Tebow? (New Castrati impression) “Mr. Limbaugh, that is absurd! The player has to be gay in order to announce he is!” Well, are you gonna say he isn’t if he comes out and says that he is? Is there a test? “Mr. Limbaugh, he cannot possibly be a homosexual! Tim Tebow is too Christian.” Oh, really, Mr. New Castrati? He’s too Christian to be gay?

“That’s right, Mr. Limbaugh. Nobody would ever believe that Tim Tebow is gay.” What if he were? I’ll bet it still wouldn’t be enough. He’s so Christian, he’s so identified as a Christian, that even being gay couldn’t overcome the burden of being a Christian in our culture or our society today. (laughs) Yeah, he’s a flaming Christian. And that — that wouldn’t help him, I think, if he were gay. I’m just saying, folks. Jim Geraghty, who does some great work at National Review, has a really fascinating piece about this.

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