RUSH LIMBAUGH: If It Turns Out To Be A Muslim Bomber In Boston ‘The Media Will Circle The Wagons’ (Video)

Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the Boston Marathon bomber today.
The conservative talk radio host said,
“If it turns out to be a Muslim bomber in Boston, the media will circle the wagons.”

Transcript from the Rush Limbaugh website:

Nowhere is anybody talking about the possibility of left-wing extremists — and let me ask you a question, again based on my observation in recent years. If you are a Muslim listening to this program, and it turns out that a Muslim did bomb the Boston Marathon, how do you feel? I dare say that if you are a Muslim, you can be pretty certain, you can rest assured that everybody in the media will circle the wagons and say, “This is not because of Islam. This is a lone bad actor, lone wolf.

“This in no way says anything about Islam. It in no way says anything about Muslims. It’s just a lone nut,” and they will remind us that the vast majority of people denounce this kind of terrorism, the vast majority of Muslims. So if you’re a Muslim and it turns out to be a Muslim bomber, you will be in no way associated with it. Which is fair. However, folks, if you are a conservative out there today, and it turns out that whoever did this has either a real or imagined connection to conservatives?

Everybody in the media will unite to denounce your whole group.

There will not be the same treatment. If this turns out to be some crazy extremist, domestic terrorist, everybody thought to be in that guy’s group is gonna be tarred and feathered as well. And, believe me, that’s what they’re all hoping for on the left. They are the ones saying so. They are the ones indicating that. Not me. Back to the audio sound bites. We have here a montage of media people going out of their way to clear the Saudi student.

It’s exactly what I was just saying. “Hey, hey, hey! No, no, no! It can’t be. Let’s not rush to conclusions here.”

JOE KERNEN: (outdoor noise) It just is weird. It sounds like it could be profiling! They see a Saudi guy…

TAHMAN BRADLEY: (outdoor noise) It’s not clear his connection on this. He’s not a suspect.

BRIAN ROSS: Authorities stressed he is not considered a suspect.

RICH EDSON: (outdoor noise) There’s really nothing yet leading them to believe that there are any serious concerns about him.

PETE WILLIAMS: (outdoor noise) He might turn out to be an innocent bystander.

FRAN TOWNSEND: (outdoor noise) I was told that the Saudi was, eh, completely cooperative.

MEGYN KELLY: A guy from Saudi Arabia, he doesn’t necessarily look like the other guys there. We’ve been trained to sort of do some racial profiling.

RUSH: That’s Megyn Kelly there at the end. She was on Fox this morning. So you see the point? Originally there was a Saudi man. He was caught by bystanders in Boston, he was taken and he was questioned, and the authorities say, “He’s clear. There’s nothing here. He was very cooperative.” The moment that happened, there was a race in the media to make sure that nobody jumped the gun and racially profiled; to make sure nobody thinks this has anything to do with Al-Qaeda, nothing to do with Saudi Arabia, nothing to do with Muslims.

“Let’s just make sure to get that out there right now, front and center,” while at the same time speculating that this has to be some right-wing group. Folks, I’m just reminding you what I do. I get up, I look, I listen, I read. I see the things, the people and institutions I believe in under assault again, and I come here and defend them. I am purely in a defensive posture today, as is the case every day. I’m not attacking anybody.

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