Ruh Roh! Daughter Of Rev. Jeremiah Wright Charged With Money Laundering!

Guest Post by Andrew Marcus – Director, Hating Breitbart

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Jeremiah Wright’s daughter has allegedly been a naughty little money launderer, and if true, it would appear as though her chickens are coming home to roost.

Jeri Wright, 47, faces two counts of money laundering, two counts of making false statements to officers and seven counts of giving false grand jury testimony. She couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Federal prosecutors in the Illinois’ central district say Jeri Wright received about $28,000 in grant-tied paychecks in 2009, but $20,000 of that was deposited back into accounts controlled by Evans. Prosecutors also say Wright then lied to officers and a grand jury.

*The Ruh Roh in the title of this post is on loan from Jim Hoft, who is busy relaxing in Hawaii.

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