Predictable… As Americans Grieve Boston Bombings – Left-Wing Blogs Go On Attack

Sad, but predictable.
As Americans grieve the Boston Marathon bombings, the left-wing blogs are more interested in attacking conservatives and scoring political points.

So much for coming together in a time of crisis.

Of course, John Podesta’s Media Matters led the charge.
media matters bombings

As the nation mourned the April 15 bombings at the Boston Marathon, media figures used the attacks to offer conspiracy theories, make Islamophobic comments, and push petty political and personal attacks…

…WaPo’s Rubin Uses Bombings To Take Apparent Jab At Washington Post Colleague Over Gosnell Coverage

Conservative Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin used the attacks to take an apparent shot at a colleague. Rubin tweeted that she was “not writing on Boston” because “it is a local crime story for now.”

As Alex Seitz-Wald explains at Salon, Rubin’s comments were a sarcastic reference to the controversy over media coverage of the murder trial of Kermit Gosnell. To the ire of conservatives, Rubin’s Post colleague Sarah Kliff tweeted last week that she wasn’t covering the Gosnell story because “I cover policy for the Washington Post, not local crime.”

After several people admonished Rubin on Twitter, she claimed that her remarks were simply a reference to the fact that she wanted to hold off on speculation about the attacks and avoid writing until more details became clear. In a post on her Washington Post blog, Rubin wrote:

I broke my own admonition on Twitter today, using poor phrasing to convey my dismay with outfits like the New York Post racing to be first (and wrong as it turned out) before they knew the extent of the attack. But that sort of observation should wait.

Hoft: Bombings Make Obama The “Worst. President. Ever.”

In an April 16 post on his Gateway Pundit blog, popular conservative blogger Jim Hoft claimed that the bombing made President Obama the “Worst. President. Ever.” He added that it’s “pathetic” that Obama did notlabel the bombings “terrorism” during his remarks after the event.

In a previous post, Hoft claimed that the decision to not immediately label the attack terrorism or “a terrorist attack” was “crazy” and “just nuts.”

What a horrible website.

The liberal Esquire Magazine blog – the same blog that suggested the terror attack was linked to “Patriot’s Day” supporters – lashed out at conservatives again today.

I took a little incoming last night, not only from The Dumbest Man On The Internet, (tm/The Lovely Wonkette) but also from people who can’t read and see words that are not there, and from (I think) the Glenn Beck crew for this post that I put up almost immediately after the bombing and in which, you will note, the words “rightwing,” “rightist,” and “conservative,” do not appear. (Also, a Pro Tip for the folks who dropped by from Glennbeckystanstan. I was a left-leaning sports columnist at a Murdoch tabloid for five years. I’ve know from political invective and you kids really need to step up your game.) It appears that poor Nick Kristof got in more trouble than I did.

Wonkette resorts to personal attacks:

And, of course, the Little Green Troll blog had to join in…
little green troll

It should come as no surprise that the left would resort to such tactics during this national crisis. After all, wasn’t it Rahm Emanuel who urged Democrats to never let a serious crisis go to waste?

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