Pittsburgh: 70-Year-Old Music Store Owner Kills Intruder Assaulting His Wife With a Club (Video)

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Additional proof that guns save lives and a good guy with a gun is the great equalizer against evil.

GunsSaveLives offers more video of the raw police press conference and adds the following thought:

Here is a story that finds the fault with a common anti gun argument. Many anti gunners will say that if we get rid of guns then there will be no need for you to have a gun for protection.

Well, what about when the assailant is bigger, strong and faster than you? What if there are multiple assailants? What if, as in the case of this defensive gun use, the assailant is armed with another type of weapon, such as a blunt object? Guns are equalizers against all types of attacks, not just gun attacks.

A music store owner in PA was surely glad to have his firearm when a customer, who browsed in the store for several minutes, left the store and came back a minute later with a club.

The suspect then used that club to beat the store owner’s wife in the head (I assure you, such an attack can easily be lethal).

Fortunately the store owner did have a firearm. He drew his revolver and shot the suspect, killing him.

The Chief of Police said they are unsure of the motivation for the attack.

The owner’s wife is being treated for her injuries at an area hospital.

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According to the police conference video, the couple were in their 70s. Clearly the presence of the gun saved their lives against someone younger, faster, and stronger.  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette offers more information.


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