Pelosi: Next “Pillar” For Government Is “Preschool For All”

Bankrupting the nation – It’s for the kids
Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi the Destroyer told a crowd in Cleveland that the next “pillar” for American government is “preschool for all.”
This woman is such a committed socialist, it’s sickening.
CNS News reported:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told a gathering in Cleveland that childcare for all should be the next “pillar” of American government and “the president comes close in his budget when he says ‘preschool for all’ because we have a situation of children learning, parents earning.”

“I need your help on this because we talked about – Social Security a pillar of economic stability for America’s families,” Pelosi said at the City Club of Cleveland on April 15. “Medicare and Medicaid another pillar of health security. Affordable Care Act -another pillar, we put it in that league as making a difference. “

“What we have to do and not necessarily as, shall we say, as transformative as Social Security and Medicare and the Affordable Care Act for everybody– but I think very important to our country is to have affordable quality childcare for all of America’s children. If we are going to unleash all that women have to offer we have to really get to this point.”

Pelosi is the worst Speaker in US history.

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