Pathetic… Rude Leftists Heckle, Whistle & Turn Their Backs on Margaret Thatcher’s Coffin at Funeral (Video)

Classy as ever…
Rude leftists heckled, whistled and turned their backs on Margaret Thatcher’s coffin today during her funeral procession.

The Telegraph reported on the leftist goons.

Around 300 demonstrators gathered at Ludgate Circus, at the intersection of Fleet Street and Farringdon Street, to show their opposition to Lady Thatcher’s policies and the cost of her funeral.

Many waved placards with home-made slogans or posters from the Left-wing Socialist Worker Party reading, “Now bury Thatcherism”.

Earlier there were boos, whistles and chants of “waste of money” as military marching bands passed along the route ahead of the coffin.

One of the back-turning protest’s organisers, Hilary Jones, 50, accused the Government of using tax payers’ money to turn Lady Thatcher’s funeral into a “party political broadcast”.

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