OUTRAGE ALERT: Child Abuse In The Gov’t-Run School Curriculum… Children Forced to Kiss Same Gender In Simulated Homosexuality (Video)

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

The Red Hook Middle School in New York uses the buzz word ‘anti-bullying’ to demoralize and indoctrinate the children with homosexual behavior lessons. As if approaching adolescence isn’t confusing and difficult enough for young students, the school has decided to rob them of their innocence and pervert their understanding of something this private. Amazingly, people have a problem with this lesson plan… who would have thunk?

CBN News reports the following:

Parents of children attending a Red Hook, New York, middle school are outraged after a recent anti-bullying presentation at Linden Avenue Middle School. […]

Parents say their daughters were told to ask one another for a kiss and they say two girls were told to stand in front of the class and pretend they were lesbians on a date.

Parent, Mandy Coon, spoke with reporters saying, “she told me, ‘Mom we all get teased and picked on enough, now I’m going to be called a lesbian because I had to ask another girl if I could kiss her.'”

Coon says parents were given no warning about the presentation and there was no opportunity to opt-out. Both the school principal and the district superintendent are defending the workshops and advising they will schedule more.

“The school is overstepping its bounds in not notifying parents first and giving us the choice,” another parent said. “I thought it was very inappropriate. That kind of instruction is best left up to the parents.”

“I was absolutely furious — really furious,” a parent who asked to remain anonymous told reporter Todd Starnes, “These are just kids. I’m dumbfounded that they found this class was appropriate.”

Superintendent Paul Finch told The Poughkeepsie Journal the presentation was “focused on improving culture, relationships, communication and self-perceptions.” […]

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ChristianNews and Moonbattery offer more insights:

During the workshop for girls, the 13 and 14-year-olds were told to ask one another for a kiss. They were also taught words such as “pansexual” and “genderqueer.” […]

“I am furious,” she declared. “I am her parent. Where does anyone get the right to tell her that it’s okay for her to have sex?”[…]

According to reports, during the workshop for the adolescent boys, the students were counseled to keep a condom in their pocket at all times, and were taught how to identify a woman who is a “slut.” […]

However, both the school principal and the district superintendent are defending the workshops, and are advising that they will schedule more.

This is child abuse IMO. Time to insist Congress defund the Department of Education and take back the education system to the local individual and community level. Take corrupt Big Government out of the equation.


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