“Obama’s Gonna Let Me Go”: Illegal Aliens Give Lie to Administration Border Security Claims

Guest Post by Mike LaRoche


Not only do agencies of the U.S. government prove false the Obama administration’s assertions that the U.S.-Mexico border is more secure than ever before, so too do illegal aliens themselves.  San Antonio’s news-talk radio station WOAI reports:

Officials say the number of people entering the U.S. illegally is way up and, tragically, the number of undocumented immigrants who have been found dead in the unforgiving Texas Brush Country is way up, and is on path this year to beat last year’s record for the number of people found dead in the ranch country.

Linda Vickers, who owns a ranch in Brooks County, which is Ground Zero for the immigration debate, pins the blame directly on talk of ‘amnesty’ and a ‘path to citizenship’ for people who entered the U.S. illegally.

She recalls one man being arrested on her ranch not long ago.

“The Border Patrol agent was loading one man up, and he told the officer in Spanish, ‘Obama’s gonna let me go’.”

Now where would he get that idea?

Meanwhile, rather than represent us and enforce the law, our supposed leaders – on both sides of the aisle – would rather party aboard yachts while our liberty and security vanish into thin air.



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