Obama: Bi-Partisan Fix to Flight Delays Is Irresponsible Way to Govern …(Obama Wants More Suffering)

Obama stops making sense.
President Obama, the worst economic president since the Great Depression, lashed out at Congress today for passing a bipartisan plan to fix the widespread flight delays.
obama angry 2

He also blamed Republicans once again for the sequester – which was his idea.

Obama wanted Americans to suffer with flight delays a bit longer.
Yahoo reported:

President Barack Obama says the congressional fix for widespread flight delays is an irresponsible way to govern, but he’s prepared to sign the legislation that lawmakers fast-tracked.

He says the bipartisan bill to end furloughs of air traffic controllers is a “Band-Aid” solution rather than a lasting answer to this year’s $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester.

The cuts have affected all federal agencies, and flight delays last week left thousands of travelers frustrated and furious and Congress feeling pressured to respond.

“Republicans claimed victory when the sequester first took effect, and now they’ve decided it was a bad idea all along,” Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address, aired Saturday.

He singled out the GOP even though the bill passed with overwhelming Democratic support in both the House and Senate.

202 Republicans and 159 Democrats voted for the plan to prevent flight delays.
And, Obama doesn’t like it.

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