Not So Shocking News Alert: Crime Rate Among Anti-Gun Politicians Extremely High and Rising

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Unbelievable! Mayor James Schiliro – a typical Democrat representative.

That’s odd… other than a local Fox29 station report below… I don’t remember this being reported in the mainstream. More information at who noted:

Schilirio is one of 600 mayors who signed on to an open letter to Harry Reid and the United States Senate from MAIG and published as a paid advertisement in USA Today.

GunsSaveLives had the following to add:

This morning we ripped anti gun politicians for not having their facts straight, now we rip them for not following the very laws they help to pass.

According to Fox News, prosecutors in the state of NY have announced 2 arrests of sitting state politicians in 3 days.

Both broke the law to benefit themselves.

Over the last 8 years 11 NY state senators have been charged with crimes.

NY currently ranks the worst for corruption at the state government level.

Which states come in 2nd and 3rd? I’ll give you two guesses.

California and Illinois have those honors.

So, the top three most corrupt state governments in the country based on the number of its elected officials who were arrested are New York, California and Illinois.

What else do those three states have in common? They are three of the strictest states in the country when it comes to gun control.

It only makes sense that corrupt politicians would want to have a disarmed populace to fleece.

The corruption of anti gun politicians doesn’t stop at the state level though. Anti gun mayors seem to be having just as many problems recently, with numerous members of anti gunner Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization being arrested on various crimes. Note, most of these mayors are immediately removed from the organization’s roster upon arrest. (Sources: Here, Here and Here)

I wonder what the overall crime rate of, oh I don’t know, let’s say the NRA is compared to these state legislatures.

More reported at FoxNews regarding the crackdown on a festering corruption problem in Democrat-run states:

WASHINGTON – For the second time in three days, prosecutors in New York announced the arrest of a sitting state politician accused of breaking the law for his own benefit.

This week’s rapid-fire round of arrests caps the latest push by federal prosecutors to crack down on illegal activity by elected officials across the country — and New York is not alone among states whose public officials are compiling a jarringly long rap sheet.

In New York, 11 state senators have been charged with crimes over the last six years. In Illinois, four of the last seven governors have been convicted on criminal charges. New York and California have each racked up thousands of federal public corruption convictions over the last few decades. […]

Read the rest here. Take a good look at the people who advocate disarming the citizens.


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