North Korea Marks Founder’s Birthday With Special Tribute to His Dead White Horse (Video)

North Koreans celebrated the 101st anniversary of the birth of the country’s founder, Kim Il-sung.
Koreans attended concerts and paid homage to the dead dictator.

There had been speculation that Pyongyang might use the occasion to conduct a missile test. But that didn’t happen.

The North Korean website published a special tribute to Kim Il-sung’s white horse.
korea white horse


Kim Il Sung and White Horse
Pyongyang, April 11 (KCNA) — Displayed at the Korean Revolution Museum here is a picture of President Kim Il Sung on a white horse in the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

The white horse, well-known as faithful horse, carried the President on its back to battlefields and through primeval forests for nearly two years. There were many stories about the horse’s cleverness during the days.

In the battle to defend Xiaowangqing, called Machun battle in the history, the overcoat of the President commanding the battle caught fire. The flames could have enveloped him in an instant, but he did not notice it.

It was only when the horse began to run with the wind that he discovered the flames on his coat. He had no time to pull it off. At this critical moment, the horse slowed down in front of a snow-covered depression and then slid into it sideways, with its forelegs folded in. The President stumbled into the snow, and the fire on his coat was put out as he rolled over in it.

Other stories say that the white horse’s foreleg tapped on the fallen tree and the sound woke the President up and that he was surprised to see tears trickling from the horse’s eyes as it should have a premonition of parting to be used as draught horse for the people in the guerrilla zone.

The President in his reminiscences “With the Century” said: “There is an expression saying ‘a faithful dog and a pet horse’, but I would rather change the word order and say ‘faithful horse and a pet dog.'”

This is one bizarre regime.

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