New York: City Investigating 21 Cases of Ethical Misconduct on Annual Schools Survey

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Headlines such as this one brings one word to mind… Homeschool…. stop enabling the Government State Run schools.


The NYDailyNews reports the following:

The polls of students, teachers and parents affect decisions such as awarding cash bonuses to principals, closing schools and determining public schools’ letter grades. Principals are prohibited from attempting to influence the surveys, but that hasn’t stopped some from trying.

City investigators are probing a whopping 21 cases of ethical misconduct on the annual schools survey from 2013, Education Department officials said Friday.

Results from the high-stakes polls of students, teachers and parents are used in decisions to award cash bonuses to principals and close schools when scores are bad.

They’re also used to award the letter grades all public schools get on their annual city progress reports.

Department rules prohibit principals from attempting to influence the surveys, but that hasn’t kept school leaders around the city from trying to game the system.

“It’s disgusting,” said a teacher at Public School 58 in Queens, where principal Adelina Tripoli is being investigated for pressuring teachers to give the school more favorable ratings.

“There’s no one watching out. So principals think they can do whatever they want. That’s what happened at my school,” said the PS 58 teacher, who asked to remain anonymous.

In an audiotape of a December staff meeting given to The News by a whistleblower, Tripoli spent nearly an hour browbeating her staff over PS 58’s “C” rating.

Then she tried to convince the teachers to give her a better rating on this year’s survey.


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UPDATE: In related New York school news, FoxNews reports a New York school district apologizes for a “Jews are evil” assignment. Wait… there was a “Jews are evil” assignment? Notice the article on this topic states that the teacher has been “removed from the class“… it doesn’t say the teacher has been fired. This translates to the possibility the teacher is collecting a taxpayer-funded paycheck and pension for doing no productive work. Everyone should demand to have “removed from the class” defined in a more specific manner.