More Carson Bashing… MSNBC Host Asks: Is Ben Carson Just a Black Sarah Palin? (Video)

The nonstop attacks on Dr. Ben Carson continue…
MSNBC host Thomas Roberts tried to kill two birds with one stone by comparing Dr. Ben Carson to Sarah Palin,
“So is he just a black Sarah Palin?”
NewsBusters reported:

Liberals remain fearful of the rising political star of Dr. Ben Carson, and they are on the lookout for any possible way to undermine him. On last Saturday’s Weekends with Alex Witt, MSNBC fill-in host Thomas Roberts did his part by comparing Carson to the Left’s favorite target of ridicule.
Roberts was talking to Republican strategist Joe Watkins about recent controversial statements made by Dr. Carson and Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska). Watkins thoroughly denounced both of the insensitive statements in no uncertain terms. But then Roberts followed up by essentially dismissing Dr. Carson:

Transcript via NewsBusters:

“Joe, explain though, why do we care what Dr. Carson says? He’s somebody that doesn’t have ambition for a political career, at least the last time I saw him talk about a political career, he says he doesn’t want one, he’s more interested in a TV show. So is he just a black Sarah Palin basically, a fire thrower?

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