Missouri Republicans Push to Reward Top Democratic Donor For All Her Help

Guest Post by Show Me Sam

rino gop

Once again Missouri Republicans have drank the Kool-Aid. Sen. Parson, along with Caleb Jones have decided to reward massive Democrat donor and Obama bundler while screwing the consumers of Missouri .

Right now I hear that Parson and C. Jones are pushing through bill 365, which will reward democrat donor Susan McCollum with 60% of the Missouri market share forever. It is the little read bills that always doom the Republicans. This bill mainly deals with Liquor distribution and the ability of the suppliers to leave distributors. Suzy McCollum doesn’t want to have to compete, Suzy like most big rich LIBS would rather legislate the competition off the battle field .

How stupid can Parson and Jones be? Can you say McCollum has personally donated $160,000 to DNC, Carnahans, Nixon, and Koster. This is an all-star list of bad progressives in Missouri.

When you think Parsons can’t become any dumber, here is what the Adam Smith Foundation thinks about this bill. But remember Sen. Parsons tried to expand Obama care which the state voted 70% not to. REDSTATE Sen. Parson OBAMACARE SELLOUT

Call Sen. Parson and Rep. Caleb Jones and demand that they not screw Missouri consumers in order to help a rich liberal get richer.

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