Louisville Player Kevin Ware: “I Look Down… And My Bone Is Sticking Six Inches Out of My Leg” (Video)

Louisville basketball guard Kevin Ware held his first press conference since his devastating injury during his team’s game against Duke on Sunday. Ware discussed his gruesome injury,

“When I went up for the shot, it’s what a normally do, like I should have blocked this shot because I jumped so high. But, I guess I just landed wrong. And I didn’t see where I was landing so that’s kind of caused the injury but I kinda felt like stuff like this just doesn’t happen for no reason. There’s a reason behind everything so I’ll soon find out what the reason is going to be…

At the time coach just kinda gave my leg a look like he’s never seen something like this before. So, I’m just thinking my ankle’s hurt. Something like that. And I look down at my leg and my bone is six inches out of my leg and I just go into automatic shock….

Ware went on to thank fellow teammate Luke Hancock for praying with him after his injury.
Ware is expected to play next year after shattering his leg bones this week.
Via America Live:

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