LIBERAL FAIL!… Less Than 100 Show For Anti-NRA March

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

The WashingtonExaminer headline sums it up perfectly: Five sad pictures from today’s anti-NRA March:

I swung by the Stop the NRA March this afternoon to watch the protest and march against gun violence. I was late, but caught two of the speeches before the crowd started marching.


Participating organizations include Public Campaign, Occupy the NRA, CREDO, Every Child Matters, Moveon, United For Change, USA, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, The Other 98% , and We Act Radio.

As Buzzfeed’s Evan McMorris-Santoro noted earlier this morning, the event featured the debut of a new anti-NRA poster created by Shepard Fairey – the designer of the famous Obama ‘Hope’ poster.

A generous estimation of the crowd size would have been about 100 people, including members of the media.

Here are some of the photos:



Read more here. Added bonus… the anti-NRA poster logo states:

“America: The land where God saves and Satan invests in assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

Catchy – huh? (/sar off). Why is Obama’s DHS buying 1000 more rounds per employee than the Army… if they are so anti-guns?

By contrast, GunsSaveLives reports that a recent Pro-Second Amendment event was organized by Connecticut citizens. It sounds like there was infinitely more support at this rally, including Newtown father Bill Stevens, who gave a great speech. Check out the GSL article for more information including the speech Stevens delivered to the lawmakers (if you missed it the first time around).

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