Liars! Illegal Immigration Surging While Obama Administration Claims it is Declining

Guest Post by Mike LaRoche


Via Fox Nation, newly released statistics show that illegal immigrant infiltration along the U.S.-Mexico border is increasing markedly despite recent statements to the contrary by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano:

“I can tell you having worked that border for 20 years, it is more secure now than it has ever been. Illegal apprehensions are at 40-year lows,” Napolitano told reporters this week in Houston.

But figures released Thursday by Customs and Border Protection to Fox News tell a different story.

Arrests are actually up 13 percent compared with the same time last year. The number was 170,223 in 2012, and is 192,298 this year.

Indeed, the U.S.-Mexico border has steadily become less safe under the present administration, which, rather than securing the border to protect the lives of American citizens, is pushing an amnesty bill that will reward millions of foreign criminals:


The numbers back up anecdotal claims that Texas is seeing a marked surge in traffic. The increase comes as Congress prepares to debate immigration legislation, which in its draft form is expected to include a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants already here. Some have expressed concern this provision could entice illegal immigrants to cross over.

Ya think?

Meanwhile, rather than carrying out its constitutionally mandated duty to protect our borders, the Obama Administration prefers to target those whom they deem a true threat to the homeland: practitioners of Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism, and Judaism.

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