KKK Holds 4th Annual Family Hatefest in Pilot Knob – Kids Invited (Video)

It’s a family affair – of hate
The Ku Klux Klan held their Fourth Annual Preserve Our Heritage Picnic Saturday in Pilot Knob, Missouri, a town in southeast Missouri, population 946.
kkk pilot knob
The event was held at Fort Davidson Historical Site and was organized by the True Invisible Empire Traditionalist American Knights of Ku Klux Klan.

And the KKK members even brought their kids out to the rally.
kkk mo 2
Reportedly, there were police everywhere – but not at the rally, at surrounding roads.  My tipster was told to stop filming after taking about twenty seconds of video. A big guy in a Klan outfit told him filming was not allowed.

About 50 Klan members were at the rally. In a speech they said they had to go to court to get permission to hold a rally in a place where anybody else could rent for $30.
kkk mo
They don’t much like gay people, either.


They also had a sign “Mussolini was a pedophile.” (Weird)

One KKK member came up and shook the citizen journalist’s hand and told him to get more information in the pavilion. But, after he started taking pictures and video for a few seconds the klansmen picked up on it and sent someone over to tell him to put away his camera.

Here’s the exclusive video from the Pilot Knob Saturday KKK rally.

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