King Obama Issues More Sequester Punishment: Justin Timberlake Concerts For Me… But No Blue Angels For Thee

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Justin Timberlake concerts for King Obama… but no Blue Angels for Americans…

KomoNews reports the following:

SEATTLE — The annual summer Blue Angels show over Seattle has fallen victim to federal budget cuts.

Seafair spokeswoman Melissa Jurcan said the festival received official word from the Navy on Tuesday morning that the fighter jet demonstration team would not be making the trip to Seattle for 2013.

Sequestration prompted the Department of Defense to prohibit military aerial demonstrations along with other cost savings measures, and the Navy said it was cancelling all remaining Blue Angels performances for the year.

Seafair CEO Beth Knox said the Blue Angels “will be deeply missed.”

The Blue Angels have been part of Seafair for 40 years, and Knox said she is hopeful that the team will return to Seattle in 2014.

Seafair officials previously announced that the civilian Patriots Jet Team, Red Eagle Air Sports, and Lucas Oil Air Show teams would be performing in this year’s air show.

A spokesman for the Navy said team members would be allowed to fly minimal hours to maintain flight proficiency in the F/A 18 fighter jets, but the six-jet squadron would discontinue group practices for the remainder of the season.

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Recall that Jay Carney in video below stated (while discussing budgets): “It is not what [Obama] would do if he were King” or if “Only people who supported his proposals were in Congress.”

I shudder to think what Obama would do if he were King or if only his supporters were authoring law… oh wait….


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