Jimmy McMillan “Rent Is Too Damn High Party” Is Running For NYC Mayor

Posted By EdBigCon:

NEW YORK, NY (FOX NEWS) – Jimmy McMillan and the “Rent Is Too Damn High Party” is back for another shot at office! McMillan is registered republican, but says the party isn’t taking his mayor of New York candidacy seriously.

So he is once again turning to the voters to put the spotlight on issues that the average new yorker struggles with, like food, housing and education.


“Thank you so much, say that one more time! Hello baby thank you so much that’s what I’m talking about.” said Jimmy McMillan. “Ordinary people, who are sick of the politicians who do nothing but lie. No Democrat, no Republican.”

McMillan is a former postal worker and self-professed karate expert, who often runs for office in New York.

The choice is yours, New York. Do you want someone taking your Big Gulps & Guns away or someone who puts together an awesome rap and takes his viral fame to new heights?
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