Islamist Jihadis Murder 5 More Christians In Egypt

Guest Post by Andrew Marcus – Director, Hating Breitbart
morsi at rally

If you get your news from Reuters, you’d be forgiven for thinking Muslims and Christians in Egypt are simply fighting in a tit-for-tat, all things being equal, sectarian conflict.

From Reuters:


Five Egyptians were killed and eight wounded in clashes between Christians and Muslims in a town near Cairo, security sources said on Saturday, in some of the worst sectarian violence in Egypt for months.

The reality is Egyptian Islamists are engaged in Jihad which means all non-Muslims must submit to Islam, pay a special tax, give up worshiping in public, or face death. It’s their choice.

Of course, Reuters and AP won’t ever tell you the truth about why Islamists are slaughtering non-Muslims world wide. They wouldn’t want to upset any of the Jihadis on their payroll.

This is how mainstream media has been portraying Islam’s slaughter of the Jews for decades. Now, Christians are the new Jews, and soon college kids on the West Coast will be blaming the Christians for oppressing the Muslims of Egypt.

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