Iranian Regime: Boston Bombings a Natural Outcome of US Policies and Actions

fars bombing boston

A top Iranian official blamed the US and Obama Administration for the bombings in Boston. Brigadier General Seyed Massoud Jazzayeri said the blasts were a natural outcome of US policy and actions.
Iranian Fars News reported:

A senior Iranian Commander lashed out at the US for its attitude towards terrorism in the world, and stressed that the recent explosions in the US city of Boston was the outcome of the performance and policies of the US statesmen.

“The US government is the source of the greatest state-sponsored terrorism and America is inevitably faced with the ugly side of this phenomenon (terrorism) as well,” Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Seyed Massoud Jazzayeri said on Monday.

The commander condemned terrorist moves as “inhumane”, and noted, “Now in some parts of the world, terrorism is killing hundreds and thousands of the people and the world people see a clear and vivid example of it in Syria and Iraq and unfortunately the US administration is the source of this (terrorism in Iraq and Syria).

Jazzayeri said majority in the US society are against the US statesmen’s current imperialistic policies and are trying to bring a new order to power.

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