Horrible… Chicago Officials Move Ahead to Destroy Reagan’s Childhood Home But Erect Memorial For Obama’s First Kiss

Ronald Reagan was the first president to live in Chicago and he’s the only president who was born and raised in Illinois.

Last week the City of Chicago’s Housing and Economic Development removed from its demolition hold list the six-flat apartment at 832 E. 57th Street where “Dutch” and his family lived in 1915.
reagan home chicago
The University of Chicago owns the home and has approved of its destruction. The Commission on Chicago Landmarks denied the structure “landmark status,” which gave the university the greenlight to take a bulldoze to the vacant six-flat building to make way for planned campus expansion.

The Windy and broke City erected a memorial to commemorate the site of Michelle and Barack’s first kiss.
“It tasted like chocolate.”

Via Hating Breitbart

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