FORE! 6 Americans Slaughtered In Afghanistan – Obama Goes Golfing

Guest Post by Andrew Marcus – Director, Hating Breitbart

obama golf real

We’re not sure if Obama went golfing yesterday before, after, or during receiving news about 6 Americans being slaughtered in Afghanistan at the hands of Islamist Jihadis. If anyone out there knows the timeline please let us know.

via White House Dossier:

It looks like, despite the sequester, this is going to be a banner year – it’s already his seventh time playing and we’re barely into spring.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Obama received news about a dead diplomat and then selfishly went off to recreate. Last time it was Benghazi, when after learning of the death of US Ambassador Stevens, Obama took a nap and then flew to Vegas for hookers and choom to raise money for himself.

How exactly do you fight a war from the 9th fairway?? Does Obama call the families of the victims before or after visiting the snack bar at the turn?


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