Five People Shot Dead in Manchester, Illinois – Classes Cancelled in Three School Districts

Five people were shot and killed in Manshester, Illinois today eighty miles north of St. Louis. Classes were cancelled in three school districts today.
FOX 2 Now reported:

FOX 2 has learned through unconfirmed reports that five people were killed in Winchester, IL Manchester, Illinois and three school districts are closed today.

According to WLDS, a radio station in Jacksonville, IL 5 people were killed in a shooting and another person injured. Now authorities at the Scott County Sheriff’s Department say one person is in custody.

Classes are cancelled in three Scott County, Illinois school districts: Northgreene, Winchester and Jacksonville districts. Approximately 950 students are affected.

Police said all the victims appeared to be in the same family and there may be more dead.

The murders happened inside a public housing complex on East Street Wednesday morning.

WLDS has more.

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