First Casualty In Missouri’s CCW Scandal: Dept Of Revenue Director Resigns

Good for Dana Loesch!  She’s been all over this story since it first broke over a month ago.

In complete and outrageous violation of Missouri statute, the Department of Revenue handed over to federal authorities the personal information of all law-abiding citizens holding CCW permits in the State of Missouri.  The federal government had no legal right to this information.  Abusing the power entrusted to them, the Department of Revenue, along with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, betrayed its own citizens.  Twice!

Finally, today Governor Nixon announced the resignation of the Director of the MO Department of Revenue, Brian Long.

Red State reports,

Missouri for the past month has dealt with a massive scandal: the illegal surrender of its full conceal-carry permit list to the federal government based on the bogus premise of an “investigation” which magically disappeared after the list was received. Now the head of one of the departments in the middle of the scandal has resigned:

Gov. Jay Nixon today announced that Missouri Department of Revenue Director Brian Long has resigned. The resignation is effective immediately. The Governor has named Deputy Director of Revenue John Mollenkamp as acting director of the department.

“I want to thank Brian for his service to the state of Missouri in heading up this department, and wish him well in his future endeavors,” Gov. Nixon said.

Mollenkamp, a native of Rolla, has served as Deputy Director of Revenue since 2011. Prior to taking that position, he was a clinical professor of law at Cornell Law School. Mollenkamp also served as an associate professor of legal writing at the University of Missouri School of Law. He was a Missouri assistant attorney general for several years, and also was in private practice in Joplin. Mollenkamp obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri and his law degree from the University of Texas School of Law.

Missouri State Senator, Brian Nieves, had this to say about today’s event:

Governor Nixon and Attorney General Chris Koster need to answer to the citizens of Missouri. Gov. Nixon must answer WHY this was allowed to happen and Chris Koster must answer WHY he is doing nothing about it! Koestner told the people of Missouri that he has been, and would continue to be the people’s prosecutor but now that THOUSANDS of Missouri Citizens have been violated, and people in Gov. Nixon’s administration have broken the law…. Koster sits back and does NOTHING!!

These are Democrats protecting Democrats…already a scarcity in the increasingly Conservative state.  More heads need to roll!!


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