Eurozone Sets New Unemployment Record – Greece Leads the Way

The Eurozone set a new unemployment record last month at 12.1 percent. Greece led the way with 27.2 unemployment rate.
EKathimerini reported:

The unemployment rate in Greece is the highest among European Union countries, according to data released by Eurostat on Tuesday, which showed that joblessness in the eurozone had reached record levels.

The Eurostat figures pointed to 27.2 percent of Greece’s workforce being unemployed, with 59.1 percent of the under-25 age group seeking work.

The Eurostat data released related to figures recorded in March 2013 with regard to European Union and eurozone countries, whereas in the case of Greece the figures related to January 2013.


In the eurozone area the unemployment rate reached 12.1 percent in March, compared to 12 percent in February and 11 percent a year earlier, while in the European Union, comprised of 27 countries, the rate remained unaltered from February at 10.9 percent.

The highest unemployment rates in the European Union were recorded in Greece (27.2 percent in January 2013), followed by Spain (26.7 percent) and Portugal (17.5 percent).

The lowest rates were recorded in Austria (4.7 percent), Germany (5.4 percent), Luxembourg (5.7 percent) and The Netherlands (6.4 percent).

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