Eric Holder: Breaking The Law Is A Civil Right

Guest Post by Mike LaRoche

Just when you think the Obama administration cannot become any more of a circus, they outdo themselves.  In remarks given to the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund (MALDEF), Attorney General Eric Holder claimed that granting amnesty for illegal aliens is “a matter of civil and human rights.”  Via Fox Nation:

Essentially, Holder is saying that lawbreaking is a civil right. This is the same man, you’ll recall, who ran an illegal gun-running scheme and is part of an administration that works diligently to deny law-abiding Americans their actual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms.


The sheer gall of these people is incredible.

(h/t Dan Collins)

UPDATE: At the :50 second marker of this video, Holder calls “Illegal Immigrants” as “Language Minorities“. Guess we officially have the new progressive term for the AP press to use.

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