Former Green Czar Van Jones Arrested in St. Louis – Was Protesting With Coal Miners(?)

It’s an Obama world.
Al Gore sells channel to oil kingdom’s network.
Van Jones protests with coal miners.

Former White House Green Czar and commie Van Jones was arrested in St. Louis today.
He was protesting with coal miners – an industry he wants to kill off.
van jones arrested
Executive Director of Rebuild the Dream and former White House aide Van Jones being taking away in cuffs to jail in support of the coal miners. (Facebook)

The only good commie… is a cuffed commie.
commie arrested stl


From his Twitter account – Jones was later released.

Dana Loesch added: @VanJones68 – Did you fly in on a luck dragon or take a fossil fuel-using form of transportation to protest in my 84% coal-powered state?

Viral Read has more.

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