Brrr… Nearly 10,000 Snow and Cold Records Set in US in Last 6 Weeks

It must be global warming!
Nearly 10,000 snow and cold records have been set in the US in the last six weeks.
record cold

Watts Up With That reported:

9787 new cold and snow records since March 13th

If this were a month of a heatwave across thus USA, like last July, you can bet it would be MSM headlines all over the place and breathless stories from AP’s Seth Borenstein and pronouncements from the Mannian climate cartel about how all this is connected to global warming, er climate change, er climate disruption.

But, don’t worry. The junk scientists will explain this away.  Last year the junk scientists tried to convince us that global warming means more ice. Then they tried to convince us that global warming will cause less snow but more blizzards. Then they tried to tell us that  global warming causes thicker ice.  And, to think, some Americans still believe this lunacy.  What garbage.

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