Breaking: FBI Raids Alina Tsarnaeva’s Home – Sister of Boston Bombers (Video)

FBI agents raided a West New York apartment building where the sister of the two Boston bombing suspects reportedly lives.
The apartment belongs to Alina Tsarnaeva.

In an interview with the Star Ledger, Tsarnaeva said her brothers were “great people” and that she “never would have expected it.” Alina lost one brother this week in an unfortunate driving accident. The other brother was found in a boat.

Federal agents took a computer and boxes from the home.

bomber sister
MEDIA CIRCUS – A woman who exited the apartment building known to be the residence of Alina Tsarnaeva, the sister of the suspected Boston Marathon bombers, is mobbed by the media questioning whether or not she was Tsarnaeva. The woman replied that she did not speak English, and left the scene hurriedly. (Union City Reporter)

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