Baltimore Police Look for Suspects in Brutal Mob Beating (Video)

Baltimore police are looking for suspects after a man was beaten unconscious and robbed by a mob outside a bar and diner.
(Warning on violent content)

CBS Local reported:

Baltimore County police are looking for a group of people involved in a beating in Winsdor Mill. Police got a new lead in the case. A WJZ viewer sent us video of the attack and we shared it with investigators.

Adam May warns the video is tough to watch.

The video shows a man on the ground and at least four others punching and kicking him repeatedly. One woman even hits him with a hammer-like object.

It happened early Saturday morning at the Windor Inn– a popular Baltimore County restaurant and nightclub.

A concerned WJZ viewer sent us the video. We passed it on to police who are actively trying to identify the suspects.

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