ATTACK AT US NUCLEAR PLANT – Shots Fired – Security Vehicle Hit – Gunman at Large

watts nuke plant
Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

Shots were fired at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant last night.
The FBI is investigating.
WBIR reported:

Authorities are investigating an incident where gun shots were fired at TVA Watts Bar Nuclear Plant on Sunday just after 2:00 a.m.

The incident happened on the Tennessee River side of the plant property, but several hundred yards from the site’s protected area that houses its reactor and power production facilities. TVA officials labeled the incident as an “unusual event,” which is the lowest level of its emergency classifications.

In a press release, TVA confirmed the area was under a heighten level of security until about 2:00 p.m. Sunday.

Plant officials said no one was injured in the incident and it did not threaten the plant’s security.

Authorities have not named a suspect in the investigation. TVA said it notified the NRC along with other federal agencies.

More… A security guard exchanged fire with a gunman.
The Commercial Appeal reported:

A security officer patrolling the area outside a nuclear power plant in East Tennessee exchanged gunfire with a person early Sunday morning.

A statement from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the incident occurred more than a quarter-mile from the Watts Bar nuclear plant’s protected area.

The Tennessee Valley Authority operates the plant. It notified the NRC that the shooting occurred near the Tennessee River just before 2 a.m. TVA is investigating the incident.

ENE News has more.

UPDATE: The shots hit a security guard’s vehicle.
Oak Ridge Today reported:

An unidentified suspect fired multiple rounds at a security officer on patrol at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant early Sunday morning, and at least one round hit the security officer’s vehicle, an official said.

The Tennessee Valley Authority nuclear security officer fired back, also shooting multiple rounds.

The suspect appeared to have initially been on the ground but may have fled in a boat, TVA spokesman Jim Hopson said.

UPDATE: (Monday AM) The gunman is still at large.
Knox News reported:

A gunman is still at large following an overnight shootout with a security officer on the perimeter of the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant site near Spring City, Tenn., early Sunday.

The suspect fired multiple rounds at the Tennessee Valley Authority security officer who was on a routine patrol near the banks of Chickamauga Lake about 2 a.m. Sunday, TVA spokesman Jim Hopson said.

The officer first spotted the suspect near an old concrete boat ramp in a restricted area of the plant property about a quarter-mile from the site’s protected area, which houses the reactor and power production facilities.

When the officer confronted the person, “The individual fired on the officer, striking the officer’s vehicle,” said Hopson. “The officer returned fire, and as the officer was calling for backup, the individual fled the scene.”

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