WILD!… Unhinged Democrat Storms Stage During Kansas City Mayor’s Speech – Flings F-Bombs (Video)

An unhinged Democrat Derron stormed the stage tonight during the State of the City Address by Mayor Sly James.
The man was quickly wrestled to the ground and arrested.
(Warning on language)

File this under – Democrats behaving badly.

The mayor continued with his speech after the man was wrestled from the stage.
KPHO reported:

A man charged Kansas City Mayor Sly James during his State of the City address and verbally assaulted him.

Kansas City police Officer Marlon Buie, who is one of James’ two protection officers, grabbed the man and shoved him off the stage at the Gem Theatre.

James, a former Marine, continued with his speech and drew applause. You could hear the suspect still yelling behind the stage at times during the speech.

James said the incident surprised him and he made sure to check the man’s hands to make sure he wasn’t armed.

The man, Derron Black, 31, who unsuccessfully ran for the Missouri House last year, was taken into custody. Some of those who recognized Black said he’s had previous outbursts at political events and was escorted out of at least one political meeting by security.

James was barely into his 15-page address when the incident occurred. James was extolling Kansas City’s virtues and the All-Star Game in Kansas City last year. He had just made a joke about Raquel Welch when the man rushed James and grabbed the microphone.

Derron Black ran for state office as a Democrat in 2012 and lost in the primary.
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